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A favourite quote of ours at St Albans PR agency Blackbird is from one of the world’s greatest ice hockey players, Wayne Gretzsky, who said, “You’ll always miss one hundred per cent of the shots you never take.”

We think that’s inspiring and motivational but you may be thinking, so what’s it got to do with PR and communications? As it happens, quite a lot.

It’s a challenge for most businesses to get their brand noticed. Some are more successful than others but it doesn’t just come down to who’s got the deepest pockets. Businesses that generate consistent levels of positive exposure have an effective PR strategy in place and tend to be adept at spotting an opportunity and exploiting it. Unlike Mr Gretzsky, who could be sure of hitting the goal simply because he created so many chances, there is a risk that firms that churn out loads of press releases may never score a hit. In fact, those that do often lose credibility with the media.

Quite simply, it’s a case of quality over quantity.

You’d be surprised at the amount of irrelevant information received by the media that’s masquerading as ‘news’. It’s literally hundreds of emails per day. In fact, some journalists are known to switch off their email. This is because firms (and even poor PR agencies) fail to target the right correspondent or bother to find out about a publication’s readership and editorial perspective. It’s simply seen as a numbers game in the hope that one outlet might print a story.

The best return is when 100% of your news generates coverage. That’s time well spent all round, as it creates business value and credibility, both within the organisation and outside. However, don’t fall into the trap of simply writing “Press Release” at the top and hoping for the best.

Content really is king. If you haven’t grabbed the editor’s attention in the first sentence, your submission will be ‘spiked’ – in other words, filed in the bin. Take time to get the angle right and consider the impact it’s likely to have on your company’s reputation.

If your business needs help to improve its media coverage strike rate, get in touch with St Albans PR Blackbird. It’s our mission to score a hit with every piece of our client’s news.