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As PR specialists, a lot of what we do for clients involves creating content that’s relevant across multiple channels, from trade press to social media to e-marketing.

Sometimes we might hear the phrase,“We don’t really have anything new to say.” Does that sound familiar in your business? Well, that’s because you’re looking at things from the inside!

Hertfordshire PR consultancy, Blackbird, looks at a business from the outside, which helps to identify unexplored angles that can be turned into meaningful news. In the first of a two-part series, this video offers you some great tips on getting the most from PR, that will add value to your business.


More profile means more sales. But before you start shouting, you need a strategy that meets your objectives. In other words, what do you want to achieve? Take time to find out who your key stakeholders are and understand your market. Your communication needs to be focused so it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

So what?

Relevance is critical if your news is to jump the first hurdle and answer the question – so what? What you see as a big story could be of little interest to everyone else. For most businesses, “We’re launching a new widget” won’t engage a journalist. By framing it differently so there’s a clear benefit to readers, such as “UK designed widget ends ‘leaves on the line” is more likely to grab attention.

The art of storytelling

Good PR involves the art of storytelling – so think originality, brevity and clarity. Always consider the audience when creating a headline. Keep your content snappy and avoid jargon or irritating clichés. Rather than trying to pad out text, keep it short and meaningful so that every sentence counts and always read it aloud or to someone in the office to check that it is easily understood.

Perfect timing

Before releasing news, check what else is going on in your sector. Perhaps a competitor has just stolen your thunder? Is there a trade show coming up? Appropriate timing is a key factor in securing exposure. Does your announcement have seasonal relevance? For example, launching a range of new items for Christmas at the beginning of December is not going to win you any friends with media titles that have long lead-in times. Make your pitch well in advance.

Zeroing in

Just as the relevance of your content is crucial, so is the relevance of your targeting and contact with journalists. The bane of a journalist’s life is being sent material that doesn’t apply to their audience. Always research your target market thoroughly. Find out the key media channels and who are the news editors. Are they on Twitter? If so, follow them. Most publications have a free media pack online, which shows the demographic of their readership. It’s best to focus your efforts on outlets most closely aligned to your target market rather than taking a scattergun approach. If you can position your business as the ‘go to’ company for comment, you will boost your credibility significantly.


Check out part 2 of this video for the next five tips for getting the the most from PR from Hertfordshire PR agency, Blackbird Communications. Coming soon!