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In this second part video on ‘Getting the most from PR’, Hertfordshire PR specialists, Blackbird Communications, offer you the remaining top five tips on using PR for the benefit of your business.

6. Piggyback

Why not piggyback? If your business works with larger ones, consider joining forces when developing news to increase your share of voice. Whether you are the latest supplier to join their roster or you are offering a reciprocal discount to each other’s customers, sharing resources and contacts can boost exposure.

7. Earn recognition

Another means of increasing awareness with limited effort is by entering industry awards. Very often free to enter, being shortlisted or winning generates plenty of free publicity and also provides an excellent networking opportunity and flag waving exercise, whatever the outcome.

8. Play nicely

Always be mindful of brand reputation. Never, EVER criticise a customer, colleague or competitor in the public domain. Professionalism and courtesy will create the perception of control and authority, whatever the situation. Remember that good news travels fast but bad news travels even faster.

9. Be persistent

Raising your profile is not a quick fix. PR needs to be sustained in order to achieve positive return on investment. Staying the course with regular, meaningful content will pay dividends. Developing awareness takes time and it’s important to stay the course and keep generating meaningful, appropriate content. Silence is most certainly not golden when it comes to PR. Equally, don’t bombard your market with messages as this will simply switch people off. Aim to achieve exposure with every piece of news.

10. Network

Build your brand on and offline by identifying and connecting with key stakeholders on social media and start a dialogue. If you’ve got a strong story, you’re much more likely to get a positive response from a journalist you’re connected with. Networking events also offer the chance to build your profile. You never know who you’ll meet.

Building a good profile takes time and businesses are time poor. Outsourcing your PR presents a cost effective solution to this. Think of it as an investment in your brand and if you need some help, get in touch.