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PR and advertising is basically just the same isn’t it? No!

Whilst both are a form of marketing, there are fundamental differences.

When was the last time you shared an advert online or talked about a cinema ad? Chances are, you probably can’t remember because it happens so rarely.

In simple terms, advertising is how a business attracts its target audience towards a sale of a product or service, by saying how good that product or service is.

Public Relations or PR, on the other hand, is getting someone else to say how good your business is.

Brands are built and often destroyed as a result of public opinion.

PR is the process of managing opinion in order to create a positive reputation, whilst advertising is primarily a sales signpost.

PR creates engaged audiences and helps to influence behaviour, which can involve turning sceptics into fans, revitalising past loyalty and even creating brand champions.

That’s because people share their views about great products and service and PR activity is used to amplify this and get eyeballs on your business.

Sustained PR builds advocates and ultimately, sales, by acting as a bridge between your business and its target audiences and helping consumers to differentiate your brand from competitors.

But here’s the interesting thing we want you to take away from this video. It’s not about choosing between PR and advertising, in our experience, it’s important to make them both work.


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