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In this short video, we examine the reasons why outsourcing your PR and content marketing to a specialist like Hertfordshire PR agency, Blackbird, could be the best option for enabling business growth. If your business needs to raise its profile to develop, you may be considering the options of either doing this in-house or getting someone from outside to do it.

Let’s start by defining what we mean by PR.

Public relations is the discipline of building and managing a positive reputation that helps to earn customer trust. It’s an ongoing process of raising awareness and securing engagement with your target market to deliver a commercial return.

PR is an increasingly vital business tool that generally offers more bang for your buck than other forms of marketing. That’s because strong, newsworthy content can generate exposure, recognition and crucially, credibility for a business that money can’t buy.

Whilst some larger businesses choose to handle their PR internally, often with external agency support, many SMEs achieve significant value by outsourcing their PR needs to a consultancy, such as Blackbird, based in St Albans.

Here are the key benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Financial

Contracting a PR agency is definitively a more cost-effective option for an SME than employing someone full-time. There’s no recruitment costs and PR agencies will pitch for your work at their expense, not yours. As well as the savings on direct costs of employment, outsourcing enables flexibility to fit in with budget cycles, workload or seasonal campaigns for example. In our experience, clients can achieve a saving of at least 50% but at the same time, they are able to tap into decades of priceless PR experience and know-how at no extra charge.


  1. Expertise

There are many facets of PR such as media relations, social media management, content writing and brand development to name just a few, so having access to outside experts means your business is covered without having to worry about employing people across these different disciplines.

Finding PR specialists who focus on a specific sector is a major benefit as they will have the necessary industry insight and technical understanding and sector expertise that a new member of staff may not possess. They will also have the skills needed to communicate complex messages which is particularly valuable in markets involving sophisticated technology or that are connected to sensitive or potentially controversial issues.

Harnessing external creativity can also help to motivate an internal team by sharing ideas that may not have been explored. Outsourcing allows PR professionals like us to look at your business from the outside and consider fresh tactics, angles and opportunities that will put your business in the spotlight.


  1. Resource

Outsourcing effectively places a team of individuals and their various skill sets at your disposal and quickly. External agencies can help plug the gaps and complete heavy workloads.

A variety of strengths and collective industry background can be secured for a lot less than the cost of recruiting a full-time employee and a good agency will be adept at hitting the ground running which avoids the need for a probationary period.

Having several pairs of extra eyes and hands working for your business means more potential opportunities but also a valuable way of minimising errors. Having someone else to proof-read an important email or presentation can be worth its weight in gold.


  1. Contacts

PR professionals are constantly creating new contacts in the media as well as industry influencers and other stakeholders as part of their own marketing.

When a company outsources its PR, it quickly gains access to all of the hard-earned connections and relationships that the agency has built up over years. This is a huge advantage when trying to secure media coverage and increase brand awareness, as many journalists will give special attention to newsworthy content they receive from trusted PR contacts.

Such is the competition for people’s attention, journalists are under pressure to publish content, so many media channels have come to depend on a drip feed of information from the PR industry.


  1. Time

We’ve all used the phrase ‘Time is money’.

Being able to offload time consuming tasks such as research, writing or updating the company website and social media networks frees up valuable time to concentrate on other core areas of the business.


We hope this video has highlighted some compelling reasons to consider outsourcing PR as part of your overall marketing strategy, as it can pay dividends to your bottom line, not to mention your reputation in your marketplace.

Get in touch with Blackbird to see how we can add value to your brand.