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Having built my career fundamentally as a public relations professional, I’m now in a position where Blackbird is working with clients on campaigns which, ten years ago, might have been the preserve of a traditional marketing agency.

The fact is that the disciplines surrounding business communication as a whole have converged significantly in recent years, as brands demand a focus on improving online visibility and audience engagement in both B2B and B2C markets.

Consequently, St Albans based PR and content marketing specialist, Blackbird, has widened its skill-set, to be able to provide clients with both strategic counsel and delivery in a range of activities, from media relations to email marketing.

As content marketing and social media continues to blur the lines between the marketing and PR industries, there’s a need for a new hybrid of communications professional with combined DNA, enabling businesses to deal with one agency for all their needs, just like Blackbird.

Following the advent of content marketing and social media, it’s fair to say that there is a lot of cross-fertilisation in the communications sector with marketing agencies incorporating PR and vice versa.

Having said that, PR professionals have been content marketers for quite some time, it’s just that it wasn’t known as ‘content marketing.’

At Blackbird, our PR strategies are dedicated to creating, promoting and growing client profiles and getting their respective executives to amplify our work across all social networking channels that are appropriate. This is actually content marketing.

Some might disagree, stating that PR focuses mainly on “earned media” whilst content marketing focuses on “owned media” but by making this distinction, the concept of both becomes incredibly confusing, hard to measure and ultimately shifts the conversation away from understanding the end goal of both, which is to drive eyeballs to a website, news feed or other piece of content, create awareness and ultimately, to influence a prospective customer.

For some companies, they lack the time and resources to meet the demands of both content marketing and PR. For them, it becomes an either/or choice. Whether to pour resources into establishing and nurturing a social media presence OR cultivate relationships with media to earn exposure.  Our advice at St Albans PR Blackbird is utilise a dynamic mixture of both PR and content marketing.

Here’s why.

PR and content marketing have the same goals – increased brand awareness, educated audiences, increased thought leadership, better industry positioning, customer acquisition, and retention and enhanced corporate reputation at its core.

When both are executed correctly in tandem, the result is compelling storytelling across all channels that generates measurable results.

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