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Why ‘No Comment’ is the worst thing to say

Journalists and PR professionals have rather a symbiotic relationship. They both need each other (even if they think they don’t). There is a significant responsibility on the part of both to ensure the delivery of accurate, informative and timely news. To do this properly, journalists require companies and individuals to be responsive. There’s an onus on the PR representative to make sure this happens. When it doesn’t, nobody benefits. In fact, it makes things worse. A bland, vacuous statement, or worse, ... Read more

Are your customers neighbours or lost relatives?

The word 'Neighbour' or in US parlance, 'Neighbor' is very much part of the political lexicon at the moment, not least because of the deterioration of relations between the USA and Mexico, thanks to President Trump's intention to separate the two nations with that wall. When it comes to business though, many companies struggle to communicate effectively. Indeed, there are plenty that, based on public opinion, seem to make it their business to put up metaphorical walls to make it difficult for ... Read more

In PR it’s ‘what’ rather than ‘who’ you know

We've all heard the expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In the PR world, of course, relationships and contacts do matter but times have changed. And the key word here is ‘time.’ We just don’t have enough of it. For journalists, in particular, time is a luxury afforded by few. The majority of media outlets have experienced significant paring of resources in recent years to the extent that journalists are having to deliver more content in less time ... Read more

Why listening is better than shouting

An article written by Andy Green, first published online by CIPR. Acknowledged by St Albans PR agency, Blackbird.   "Following the UK people’s vote to leave the UK has there ever been such an important time for the ears of PR people to lead the way in creating a better future? Listening is not only a tool for the most effective communicators but also one of the key management functions of public relations – PR people need to both good listeners and also be ... Read more

Is your business mobile friendly? If not, you must act NOW

It's official. We are now in the age of the smartphone. Research shows that people spent more time on mobile devices than desktops and laptops for the first time ever last year. This equated to an average of 2.5 hours a day on our smartphones and tablets, which the study found was 10% more than browsing on desktops and laptops. Mobile usage has surged five-fold since 2011 whilst desktop and laptop use has remained almost static. You might think this is unsurprising, given that more than half the ... Read more

What we can learn from mixologists

MIXING IT UP – getting the benefits from earned and paid media PR is about managing reputation and critically, that means ensuring a positive profile online, as well as across offline media. Nowadays, there’s pressure on media outlets to ensure profitability from their digital publications, which provides opportunities for businesses to broaden their reach by using different approaches. In addition to news content, the use of paid media can add significant value to a company’s overall PR & marketing strategy, not to mention the relationship ... Read more